Feel free to ask questions at anytime. In the meantime here are some of classic questions:

What should I wear? Leggings or shorts, and a vest/t-shirt. You’ll probably get quite hot, so you may also want to bring a small hand towel.

How long is the class? You can arrive at any time between 6.15am and 7.30am – just make sure you leave enough time for your practice to finish by 9.00am.

Do you provide yoga mats? Yes there are yoga mat at the studio that you can use but we would encourage you to get your own.

Is there a shower at the studio? No.

I am a beginner. Is this class right for me? The short answer is yes! Mysore self-practice is perfect for beginners because it starts with a short, simple sequence that is easy to learn. It’s easy to feel self-conscious at the beginning but it helps to remember that you are practising alongside people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels come together to simply enjoy a yoga practice and most importantly everyone in the room has been a beginner, including the teacher.
There is a saying: “Beginner’s mind is the Yogi’s mind”

I have only practice Ashtanga led classes. How do I start practicing Mysore Style? Remember that the focus of your practice has now shifted. Learning the order of postures is a crucial part of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. In your initial sessions, we will simplify things so that you can commit the sequences to memory. The first task is to learn the sun salutes and standing poses. It’s easy to feel you are being held back but this is the way to set yourself free and become self-sufficient on the mat. Self-practice can be quite intense and tiring at first. You need to build up slowly.

Can I practice if I’m pregnant? if you have never practised Ashtanga, please wait until six months after giving birth to start. If you have an established astanga practice, please stop practising until your 14th week/first scan and check with your doctor. It is very important that you let us know if you’re pregnant so that we can adapt the sequence for you. We recommend reading Yoga Sadhana for Mothers

Can I practice during my period? Traditionally women don’t practice yoga during the first three days of their period. There are many reasons why you may wish to do this including keeping in touch with your natural rhythms.

Can I practice if I have an injury? Generally yoga is a healing practice so I can be really useful to help you in your recovery. Injury often offers us an opportunity to learn more about ourself and the practice itself. Please let us know if you’re injured so that we can help you make any adaptations necessary.

How to I book and how do I pay? To book simply email us and tell us when you would like to start. You can pay at class by cash, card or by bank transfer. Speak with the teacher after class.