Private Yoga Classes

Emanuele offers private yoga classes in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire area.

Why Private Yoga?
Private yoga classes are beneficial for all types of yoga practitioners. Beginners, advanced and with therapeutics needs practitioners can greatly benefit from spending one-on-one time with an experienced yoga teacher. These kind of tuition, which is also the traditional way of teaching yoga, allow the practitioner to build a correct, safe and deep personal yoga practice . Private yoga classes can be one of the best way to begin, return or advance your yoga.

Private Yoga Classes are helpful when:
➢ You are a beginner and want to learn correct postures in the comfort of your own environment
➢ You want to deepen your practice and work towards specific goals 
➢ Working on specific issues 
➢ Have yoga classes fitting around your busy schedule 
➢ You have health issues or injuries
➢ You want to develop a yoga practice that you can do at home
➢ You want to increase your mental focus
➢ You would like to incorporate yoga in your health plan program or sport training 

With private tuition, you can deepen your practice, increase your confidence, ask questions in a confidential environment and receive personalised guidance and precise hands-on adjustments tailored to your individual needs.

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