Emanuele Rossi

25 years learning and practicing with yoga masters
to share with you the tools for a healthy and
transformative yoga practice

Emanuele Rossi

Authorised Ashtanga Teacher Level 2, Senior YOga Teacher YAP, CHiropractic Student

I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 1997 while still an Art student at the University of Siena in Tuscany.
I’ve been fortunate to meet some of the most inspiring yoga teachers in the world and learn from them the joy
and benefits of having an established yoga practice in my life. I’ve travelled to India many times to study Ashtanga
Yoga at its source in Mysore immersed in its traditional culture and I’m thankful for all the incredible experiences
I’ve been lucky to encounter.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 20 years and I’m passionate to share this amazing practice for the wellbeing, self
discovery and empowerment of everyone seeking to enhance their life and discover their full potential.