In an Ashtanga Mysore Style class everyone is taught with individualised guidance and assistance to ensure the sequence is learnt correctly and according with one’s own ability and intention. In the class there are always students of mixed abilities and experiences practicing side by side and beginners are always welcome.

At your first class you will be taught the breathing, the bandhas and guided through the sun salutations and a few positions. The first lesson will last approximately 45 minutes. This may not sound much, but the point is to start learning a yoga sequence which will be the base to then develop the rest of the practice.

Each time you come to class you will be taught the next posture if the teacher thinks you are ready to learn more and so on carry on developing the rest of the sequence in an organic and sustainable way.

Beginners often assume that they will need to know the astanga sequence before they start. This is not the case as we will teach you the poses gradually so that you can learn them to memory and settle the sequence before adding new poses.

Yoga practitioners who have practiced Ashtanga Yoga before will find that a Mysore Style class offers them the best opportunity to deepen their understanding of this practice.

Hands-on adjustments
At Ashtanga Yoga Cheltenham we teach in a traditional style which means that usually we give physical, hands-on adjustments.

These adjustments are precise, safe and beneficial. They are there to help you and support in exploring and learning a healthy yoga practice. We also recognise that some people might prefer not to be adjusted and if that’s the case is important to inform the teacher and we will respect your wishes and will not ask you the reasons.

Frequency and length of practice
Normally it’s adviced to commit to attending a minimum of three times a week to make progress. But if you can only come for 1 or 2 days that’s ok too.

Your first class will probably last 30-45 minutes. Over time your practice will become around 1.5hrs.

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